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Microsoft Dynamics RMS

An ERP system is a business support system designed in specific modules. Within a single database, this system maintains all essential data for assorted business functions, allowing a company’s different departments to share information and communicate efficiently.
Microsoft Dynamics GP. With several successful installations in the Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Tampa Bay Area, G.A.G. has positioned itself as a leader in the deployment of ERP systems for Distribution and Manufacturing industries.
Choosing the right business management solutions involves balancing short- and long-term business goals with existing financial resources.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and G.A.G. Technologies can facilitate these challenges with management solutions that match a company’s precise business and budgetary limits.
The ERP system helps an enterprise to administratively control every department with individual care, including Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Financials, Projects, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, and anything else the company requires.  Additionally, ERP systems avoid external interfaces between systems that slow everyday processes; they are, generally integrated with other systems such as WMS and CRM that keep each process in a mainstream and increase productivity.  

Benefits of implementing an ERP System:

  • Centralizes business processes and workflows in one single system
  • Allows for a single installation and easy scalability rather than separate systems updates
  • Makes customization easier and uniform to every user in an enterprise
  • Unifies accounting transactions for every department in one general ledger
  • Allows unified and complete reporting options for every department as well as for the whole enterprise
  • Brings together administrative processes in single general ledger, keeping processes independent by modular functionality
  • Decreases software expenses while increasing productivity by an efficient centralized business solution

Solution testimonial

“We had tailored Microsoft Dynamics GP to fit our business needs. We knew that another system could not provide the flexibility, application versatility, and unique business-process customization of Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

Joe Grlica

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