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GAG. Winner of GSAG.A.G. Techologies, winner of GSA Microsoft Awards:

Small Business Impact of the year 2007 and Dynamics Rookie of the year 2007.

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Microsoft writes case about the sucess of G.A.G. Technologies

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, G.A.G. Technologies have built thriving practices based on providing Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions.

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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner G.A.G. Technologies has a ten-year track record of helping medium-size companies gain maximum results from their business and technology infrastructure investments. G.A.G. utilizes its Warehouse Management System and Microsoft Dynamics GP & CRM to control inventory, manage accounting functions and customer relations. These methods coupled with G.A.G.'s consistent ability to deliver results set it apart in the market of software solutions.

G.A.G. acknowledges the unique needs of every customer, and aims to satisfy the mounting business of today's competitive environment. The technology solutions offered are customized and innovative in order to cater to the clients’ specific needs. G.A.G. is sincere and persistent in its goals: primarily to help its clients deliver on both their short-term goals and their long-term dreams.

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