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Reasons to move from Quickbooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Every year, more than one hundred thousand companies grow to the point where they must upgrade to financial management applications designed for mid-sized businesses. G.A.G Technologies offers consulting, training and support services tailored for growing organizations.

Just as QuickBooks is a leading software provider for small business accounting, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a market leader for mid-size businesses.

You need Microsoft Dynamics GP if:

  • Your organization has a QuickBooks solution that isn't keeping pace as your business grows.
  • The volume of transactions are dramatically slowing down your database, and limitations are preventing your company from meeting your customer's needs.
  • You are missing out on thousands of features typical in mid-range business management solutions, but still using a small business accounting solution.
  • You are putting band-aids on your current system to make it through your month end close.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers you:

  • More than twice the built-in functionality than QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Better database capacity and performance.
  • Customization tools available on a user-to-user basis.
  • Sophisticated reporting and decision-making tools, integrated with the familiar Microsoft Office system.
  • Advanced Functionality, including ability to manage multiple departments and companies, maintain multiple years in history, and structure your chart of accounts to make sense for you.
  • Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory requirements.
  • The opportunity to focus on growing your business, rather than the technology that supports it.
  • A solution that fits with your budget by lowering implementation and long-term ownership costs.

Product testimonial

“QuickBooks has basic accounting functions, but what Microsoft Dynamics GP offers is the ability to stay on one product for the entire lifecycle of the company. It grows with your business. If you are going to stay a small mom-and-pop operation, something like QuickBooks might work well, but if you intend to grow the business, the last thing you want is to have to convert to another accounting package later on. “

Jeff Skeen,
CEO, Titan Fitness Holdings
QuickBooks Replacer
June 2007

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