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WMS Express - Warehouse Management System

WMS Express will help you streamline your distribution and inventory operation to maintain profitability. In today’s tight economy, efficiency is the key to maintain profit and technology is being used to transfer efforts from employees to computer systems. WMS Express is a leading warehouse management software that integrates seamlessly into your current ERP Solution providing you with the benefits offered by bar code labeling and Radio Frequency technology. We can help you pave the way to an automated, productive distribution operation and help you achieve better control over the movement and storage of materials within your warehouse. Contact us today and find out how to improve your infrastructure from the front office to the outgoing shipments.

WMS Express Key Benefits

  • Speeds up receiving & shipping of merchandise
  • Increases transparency & accuracy of inventory data
  • Optimizes warehouse space utilization
  • Increases efficiency of warehouse operators
  • Minimizes shipping errors
  • Increases “same-day” fill rate
  • Reduce time & cost for physical inventory
  • Increase order-processing volume
  • Improve order accuracy rate
  • Reduce warehouse labor costs


  • Automatically assigns items into bins
  • Immediate update of ERP solutions
  • Back order notification
  • Barcode label generation
  • Real-time RMA receiving


  • Automated Data Collection Software
  • Mobility with Intermec and other hardware
  • Multi-bin capability
  • On the spot inventory corrections & adjustments
  • Automated site-to-site inventory transfer
  • Efficient lot & serial tracking
  • Cycle counting for fast physical inventory
  • Item cross-reference without re-labeling


  • Paperless picking order fulfillment
  • Automatically register picks in ERP solution
  • Directed picking processes
  • Track outgoing deliveries
  • Allows partial shipments
  • FIFO, LIFO & FEFO enforced picking methodologies

Product testimonial

"Using WMS express has been great for our company. G.A.G. Technologies was able to integrate their software with our ERP system, and now we can carefully track our warehouse operation. WMS Express has helped our company by establishing a pick and pack process and organizing our warehouse. With real time inventory we are able to make better buying decisions which in turn improves customer satisfaction as their orders are met and shipped on time. With WMS Express we don’t have to be in our warehouse to know what is happening there, we keep track of everything online from our headquarters in NY or when we are away on business. We feel today we are prepared for higher volumes and bigger sales. WMS Express has been a great investment".

Ernesto Khoudari
Kassatex, Inc

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